Uncover is a national Christian Union campaign to give 50,000 students the opportunity to meet with Jesus in Luke’s gospel.

In partnership with our sister organisation in the UK mainland (UCCF: The Christian Unions), IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions are encouraging every one of our members to pray for their friends, give them a gospel and invite them to read it together with them. If every active member of our Christian Unions were to do so we would see, throughout Ireland and the UK mainland, 50,000 students being given an opportunity to read a gospel with a Christian friend by this time next year. So, how will we do this?

A high-quality accessible gospel

The Uncover gospels are high-quality hardback pocket versions with ‘moleskine’ style covers – a gift that students would be glad to accept. QR codes (that can be scanned with a smart phone) throughout the Gospel provide links to two video strands, one addressing relevant apologetic questions raised by the passage, and the other featuring contemporary presentations on a given passage. The aim is to draw students into ‘uncovering’ the evidence for themselves. Students using Uncover have found confidence to open the Bible with their unbelieving friends, and we have already seen remarkable fruit as a result.


Uncover.org.uk will be a place where non-Christians can find out more about Jesus and the Christian Faith. The website will host all of the Gospel Project films, a number of apologetics resources, and the gospel text. An Uncover Facebook and Twitter feed are also being utilised in order to start conversations and dialogue about meaningful issues raised by the gospel, Christianity and Jesus.

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