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David Monty Montgomery
08/10/2015 at 11:10

We get good coverage in this week's Irish Catholic. Gavin Rothwell of TCD and I are quoted extensively in the second half. http://irishcatholic.ie/article/we-can-all-learn-lessons-outreach-other-christians

Peter Grier
Facebook Icon06/10/2015 at 07:16

Peter Grier shared UCC Christian Union Society's event to the group: IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions.

Lots going on today in CUs...
- this talk in UCCCU that Kevin O'Connor is speaking at
- a similar one I'm speaking up the road in I.T Carlow Christian Union
- great few hours of "first contact" evangelism in UL Christian Union that is seeing many respond positively each time we've been out so far
- a CU soccer session in UL CU where CU people can bring their friends to play and meet other Christians.

Please pray, and add to the list if your CU is doing anything soon!

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EGM + "Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat" talk

EGM + "Eat, Sleep, Rave Repeat" talk

We're having our EGM where you have the opportunity to become one of us .... The committee that is.
The positions available:
- 1st year rep
- 1 OCM (Ordinary committee member)

We're also having a talk that night
"Eat, sleep, rave, repeat... Is this all there is ?"
Followed by a social (w) food

WGB G03 - Tuesday 6th October - 7PM

Sally Patty
06/10/2015 at 17:21

Sally Patty shared IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students's photo to the group: IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions.

Just 10 days until the IFES World Student Day - join others around the world as they pray for students; share what is happening in your CU.

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IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Have you done your 3-minute video for World Student Day? Send us the Youtube link, and we will add it to the World Student Day Youtube playlist. http://bit.ly/1L8qc3X

Megan Peters
Facebook Icon07/10/2015 at 23:42

Incredible to see so many people coming to worship God and to hear the first of two talks on our mission statement for the year "Treasuring Jesus above all, Declaring Him daily on campus". Please continue to pray for the work of Queens Christian Union.

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Photos from Megan Peters's post
Kim Patterson
Facebook Icon05/10/2015 at 14:55

Kim Patterson shared Ellie O'Connor's event to the group: IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions.

Get your place booked for the Leinster CU Big Weekend Away!!!

Online Booking here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TSF725S

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Leinster CU's Big Weekend Away 2015!!!!

Leinster CU's Big Weekend Away 2015!!!!

Leinster CU Big Weekend Away is a great time to get away with your CU and have a bit of down time.
Paul Ritchie will be speaking at the weekend and it's a great time to get to know your CU.
€65 for the early bird rate so sign up soon because the price will go up!

Online Booking Here:

Christy Reid
03/10/2015 at 19:45

Christy Reid shared Jonny English's post to the group: IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions.

Student Sunday is coming soon!
It's exciting to think of Churches across Ireland hearing about, and praying for their local CU's and IFES Ireland this time next month!!! Why not find out if your church is going to be involved, and if not maybe it's not too late to do something towards the end of November, ask politely. Let the offices know what's going on, where and when too :)


Are you going to church this Sunday? Why not tell your church leader about Student Sunday in November?

This November, we want as many churches as possible praying for the work of IFES and CUs on campus. We also want students and staff to be in churches sharing their stories!

Check out the flyer below and talk to your church leader tomorrow! Once you've got something confirmed, let the office know so they've got an idea of the churches that are going to be involved!

Peter Grier
30/09/2015 at 13:32

A Nigerian postgrad, a Chinese lecturer, a French Erasmus student and some Irish were the random group at C.U in L.I.T's first (formal) meeting y'day. There was lots of "what was that you said?" going on in the room with hugely different accents, personalities, interests and lives. It was hard but at the end, we thanked God for the little glimpse of Heaven:

"true Christianity is not a gathering of like-minded individuals who share enough in common to make gatherings effortless and enjoyable. It is emphatically not like a Meet-up of Tolkien-obsessed stamp collectors in rural Kansas or Elvis-impersonating software developers in downtown Leipzig. The whole point of community born at the foot of the cross is that it is made up of differences. The church ought to defy all sociological theories. In fact, I heard someone describe the church as "a collection of the very last people you would ever want to go on a vacation with". This runs completely counter to the nature of all other social gatherings."

Mark Meynell (A wilderness of mirrors: trusting God again in a weary and cynical world)

Kim Patterson
Facebook Icon02/10/2015 at 13:48

Due to technical issues this is a bit late...but presenting the first CU Annual Conference Teaser Trailer!! More info coming soon......

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CU Annual Conference Teaser Trailer Episode 1


CU Annual Conference 2016 March 18th - 20th 2016 More Info Coming Soon......

Rachel Greer
30/09/2015 at 15:07

Great to see so many yesterday at the art college on Belfast!!

Peter Grier
Facebook Icon29/09/2015 at 14:22

Peter Grier shared IFES - International Fellowship of Evangelical Students's event to the group: IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions.

Students reaching students, all over the world. Catch a glimpse of what God is doing by joining World Student Day (see below)!


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IFES World Student Day

IFES World Student Day

You are part of something bigger!

World Student Day is an annual celebration of all that God is doing through IFES amongst students around the world. On World Student Day, students, staff and supporters pray for one another and for specific situations facing students around the world.

Sign up to pray and receive useful resources: ifesworld.org/worldstudentday

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El Día Mundial del Estudiante es un día que organizamos una vez al año para celebrar todo lo que Dios está haciendo entre los estudiantes de todo el mundo por medio de IFES. El Día Mundial del Estudiante los estudiantes, obreros y personas que apoyan a IFES oran unos por otros y por situaciones específicas que están viviendo los estudiantes de todo el mundo.

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La Journée mondiale de l'étudiant est une célébration annuelle de tout ce que Dieu fait par le biais de l'IFES parmi les étudiants du monde entier. Lors de la Journée mondiale de l'étudiant, étudiants, membres du personnel et partenaires prient les uns pour les autres ainsi que pour des situations spécifiques auxquelles les étudiants sont confrontés dans le monde.

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