4th – 8th March 2013


QUB campus
(Main events to be held in Students Union snackbar)


A week of focused outreach events to the Queen’s University Belfast campus. Students of the CU will invite their friends to come along to the many events and talks put on by the CU. This is off the back of a semester already spent in sharing the gospel with their friends using the Uncover gospel project.

We are very excited to have Michael Ots (an evangelist working with the Christian Unions throughout Europe) along for the week, who will be running a full week of lunchbars and evening evangelistic talks. The topics of these lunchbars have been specially selected as those being most relevant to the students on QUB campus, and the evening talks are based around the Uncover gospel material.

Other IFES Staff and Relay workers will be coming along for the week to assist in the running of events, and the outreach to the campus, freeing the student body of the CU to personally invite and bring along their friends.

Please pray for us as a fellowship, that we may see tangible fruit of God’s work among the lives of the students on QUB campus. Pray also for the CU body at QUB, and for Michael Ots, as they prepare for this week.
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