Lauren, outgoing Dublin Relay worker, writes:Relay

I have loved Relay! It has been such a blessing to take this year to serve God, to learn more about him and to grow in my relationship with him.

There have been four Relay Workers this year in Ireland. Kim Patterson and I have been based in Dublin, Bekah Down has been in Belfast and Heather Irwin has been in Cork. We have all learnt so much and have been extremely blessed by this experience on Relay.

One of the biggest highlights for me has been completing a UCCF designed Bible course that looks at many of the crucial truths of Christianity such as the Trinity, Sin, Son of God and many more. It has been so helpful to look at these truths in more depth, study what the Bible says about them and look at what they mean for us.

Another highlight for me has been moving to Dublin for the year. I have loved getting to know the students who are involved in the CUs, particularly through meeting up with a few of the girls to study the Bible. They have taught me a great deal and it’s been so exciting to learn more about God and grow closer to him with them.

I know I speak for all the relay girls when I say that we will be so sad to finish this year, but we thank God for this incredible opportunity and for how he’s worked in each of us through relay!

Lauren Alderice
Relay Worker