Staff and students write:

As I started as a new Staff Worker in September, I was inserted into the planning team for CU Annual Conference ‘16 and was quickly nominated as the secretary of the group. I didn’t quite know what to expect, but was so excited for students from all over to come together for teaching, fellowship and to experience the ‘bigger picture’ of IFES ……..and I wasn’t let down. The weekend was busy, with a great atmosphere, full of energy and enthusiasm, camaraderie, and topped off with excellent teaching on holiness. I was very thankful that six students came down from the North West to attend and I look forward to how the information shared at the conference will influence and encourage the students that I work with. Students never cease to amaze me with their passion for the Lord and desire to see Him glorified on their campus, so seeing so many students from various contexts praising Him and learning together was just wonderful.

Lorna Morrison
North West Staff Worker


As a first year, this was my first time attending CU Annual Conference. It was a really great opportunity both to meet Christians from different CUs all over the country, as well as an opportunity to grow and deepen our knowledge of God’s character and word. The theme was “Holiness by His Strength”, which presented a challenge to us to live holy lives because we are commanded to and because God is holy. It is something I tend to forget at times and this was a great reminder to keep pushing on towards holiness. The seminars also gave an interesting insight into holiness in a particular area. The one I attended was “Holiness and the Old Testament Law”, which was very enlightening. I also found it particularly encouraging to talk to people from other CUs and see what God is doing in this nation.

Brian Finlay
UCD Student