Joy, committee member of UCC CU, writes:

text a pancakeWhile I was preparing for a bible study one night, I began to remember some of the outreach activities I had previously been a part of in the CU when I was studying in Dundee. So, as a result, during a planning meeting for UCC CU, I decided to share some of these ideas with the other members. Many got excited, while others were a bit skeptical that these ideas mightn’t work in Ireland. However, everyone decided it was worth having a trial run. After prayer and discussion we decided to have a ‘Text a Pancake’ event, where students were given the opportunity to text us a question about God or Christianity and in return they get to order a free pancake that we deliver to their flat.

We were all completely astonished by the number of texts that came in and by the conversations we had. Two went to deliver an order and the guys that opened the door even phoned a friend to listen in on the conversation and asked to meet up again to talk more about the things that were discussed.

Some students didn’t feel comfortable going out to the flats at first so they stayed and made the pancakes for the rest of the group to deliver. However the Holy Spirit stirred them up when they saw the number of orders that were coming in so they ended up going out as well. At the end of the night everyone was excited to found out when we were going to organize another outreach activity.

What a blessing it was for everyone! For those who were challenged in their faith and also to students who heard about Jesus for the first time. Thank you all for the continued blessings and prayers that you shower upon UCC CU.