Gavin, TCD CU Vice-president, writes:

events-weekEvents Week was an incredible five days. It was amazing seeing God at work in Trinity College and we praise Him for:

  • Meeting our financial needs!
  • Over 5000 individual flyers handed out.
  • A number of students who weren’t Christians wanted to meet up for coffee with CU members to read the Bible and ask questions. Ten students signed up to join Uncover John seeker bible studies.
  • Our eight CU Guests who came to Dublin for the week to help us were such a blessing, and without whom the week wouldn’t have happened as it did.

We held two lunchtime talks every day which provoked a lot of discussion in the Q&A afterwards.120 people came to each of the last three days of the week. One quote that stuck with us from a student who came to the Friday lunch talk was when he asked: ‘What is the crux of Christianity? Because I want that in my life’.

The five evening events were well attended and they focused on big questions such as the future of Christianity in Ireland, the compatibility of God and Science and evidence for the Resurrection. The week finished with a celebration meal which provided a relaxed context to continue conversations about Jesus with students who had been met during the week.

The CU as a whole got involved from the start and the mission really united us in Christ. A foundation has been laid for encouraging our CU to be more passionate about evangelism and outward looking.

It doesn’t end here……….