Peter Grier, Munster Staff worker, writes:

“You’re all so different, but yet so united!”

These were the words of one Spanish man, who joined us several nights of our International Outreach in Cork during the summer. He’d been chatting to one team member from the heart of west Cork, and one team member from loyalist parts of Belfast, all about the history of the island. But despite dramatic differences of opinion on such topics, it was a marvellous testimony to the team that he, and several others, left the cafes thinking about what on earth can unite such a diverse group of people. He was one of hundreds through Munster summer teams who was pointed to John’s gospel for the answer.

Having established a weekly Cork café from last year’s summer team, this year was all about building more of a team for international ministry in the city. We had 8 weekly team members helping last year. Of them, two have gone to India to be business people (on mission!), one has gone to do “Relay” in Dublin and one is considering working in Japan in the near future for mission. So given our team was small to start with, we’d a fairly huge needs for helpers!

Thankfully the summer team did exactly that, and you can rejoice with us and pray for the 18 helpers who’ll be developing the work here, with an international homestay program, day trips and maybe even a weekend away. That’s enough help that I’ll leave them to it and respond to a request in Limerick to help start an international work there. Perhaps you can pray that we would have similar “problems” next year, as team members catch a glimpse of God’s heart for the nations, and leave to unreached shores?