Sophie, from the Dochas group in Galway, writes:

CUAC 2015 was a great experience, a wonderful way to meet new friends and have fellowship, while also benefiting from great teaching.

I actually wasn’t going to come to CUAC at all, because I was worried about exams and such and wanted the time to study, but I’m so glad that I was encouraged to go. What attracted me to CUAC this year was the topic that was being taught, the trinity. It was extremely interesting and covered various aspects that I had never considered.

I went to CUAC with our on campus Christian group in Galway, Dochas. I think as a group it really benefited us, as it encouraged us to spend more time together communicating and even learning more about each other. As a way to meet new people, grow in your Christian faith, and have fellowship with others, I strongly recommend CUAC!