Sam, a CU student, writes:

I’m Sam and I’m from Long Beach, California, and I am an exchange student in UL. My original intention was only to stay for one semester in Ireland, but growing around the Christian Union, I felt that I was so welcomed that I decided to stay on for one more semester. There were many moments where I just felt like such a stranger in the initial period when I wanted to talk to people I was familiar with, but it was soon wiped away as I became involved in the Christian Union.

Coming into the CU as a totally new person is a bit intimidating, in front of the amazing examples of faith, but I realised that these people are not to be feared, but to be looked up to. So although it might seem a bit scary at first, getting to know these people has been one of the best blessings I’ve ever experienced. Coming from America, it was believed that most Americans are Christians, but I think there’s a similarity in thinking that a majority of the Irish population would be Catholic. Some may claim that they are a believer, but their actions prove otherwise, so it’s simply a form of identification. So coming to Ireland where I have free time after school, it has been really great to find an encouraging place to explore Christian things. The highlight of my year, without being too cliche, was definitely growing to know God through the conversations, not only through CU, but also all around Limerick. As I go back to America, I would love you to keep me in your prayers in terms of staying in God’s way not just spiritually, but also mentally and physically, as there are many worldly temptations in America, especially in the university scene.

Thank you so much, God Bless, Sam Meilano