AlbaDublin IFES Interaction worker, Alba, writes…

From the 29th October to the 2nd November I flew to Germany to be part of the ‘Young Staff Network’ conference. YSN is a one- year programme in which you are mentored and trained to be more equipped and effective in your ministry. It provides a great space to grow in your relationship with God and get to know yourself better. Around 30 young staff from 20 different countries in Europe attended the conference, all with the same purpose: to share the gospel among students.

The first conference of ‘YSN’ has been a real encouragement. Our devotional times in the morning looked at how to become a good leader. I found the seminars very interesting and useful. We were looking at our own strengths and seeing how we can make the most of them in our ministry. We were also looking at different themes such as spirituality and mission.

I found the conference very practical and those leading the seminars were asking us to respond to it identifying our aims and taking specific actions to achieve them. I think this was really helpful as I really want to take all that I’m learning and put it into practice where I am in Ireland.

One of my highlights from the conference was spending time alone with God where I could process what I had been learning. It was really encouraging and inspiring to see how we are part of the bigger picture, we belong to a wider IFES movement and even with our differences we are all one family in Christ! It was encouraging to have conversations with other staff and to be reminded that God is the one pioneering. He’s been there from the very beginning, in every single country, and we have the privilege of joining in with His mission!

God is using us and He is definitely at work in Ireland. He has always been there, but now it is our turn to get ready and be equipped to make the most of each opportunity and let Him be known.

Alba is originally from Spain and is on her 2nd year of the Interaction programme