2For me, being a Staff Worker is an incredibly rewarding and increasingly necessary ministry.

It involves working alongside students who are flung into an extremely secular and hostile environment at one of the most formative times in their lives and doing all that we can to equip them with what they need, not only to survive, but thrive in their walk with God.

I suppose what excites me the most is the varied nature of the work: training and guiding the leadership of CUs from big picture planning to the details of completion; providing weekly training of small group leaders; writing resources; meeting church leaders; and studying the Bible with students on an individual and group basis.

I yearn to see, through God’s grace, young people grasping the depth of His love, the joy of salvation, and being equipped to reach their campuses and lead their friends to faith.

Each year we have the privilege of seeing  young adults commit to Christ, some for the first time, others perhaps experiencing the reality of Jesus in a fresh way. Students often get a bad press but I have the privilege of working with some of the best, who will make a difference wherever God leads them.