Peter, our Munster staff, writes:

Uncover John imageImagine sitting alone in a giant hall. It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s silent. You wait. A twinkle of some fairy lights glimmer hope but fade in the corner of the room. Random objects lie around but not in any usable condition. Now imagine being taken into another room. The door opens and you’re hit by the warmth of the room, shortly before being welcomed by name, hugged by a close friend and taken in for coffee, cake and great chats with a community there. Home!

The two couldn’t be more different. And that’s what we wanted the students to understand as we acted this out during our Uncover launch. A world without the Triune God at the centre is a cold world. A lonely world. A world that is hard to communicate in. But a world with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, at its heart is a warming, life-giving and personal one.
As we launched this evangelistic Bible study resource, it has been great to see students joining me and going outwards to their friends. We’ve already seen several come to faith in Munster this term through it. Bring on the next few years!!

Please pray for CUs as a whole to catch the vision and for those already opening John’s gospel with friends.