When? 8th June – 6th July

Where? Greystones, Co. Wicklow

What? Embracing the truth of being “Beloved, Sent Ones”, Encounter is a student ministry internship which deepens one’s understanding of our identity as children of God who have been set ‘free to love’ God and others well. In the context of rich community among Irish and American university students, the 4 week internship offers an environment that cultivates spiritual formation, envisioning, mission and service with the Irish church, exposure to cross cultural missions, leadership development and FUN.

Modules include:

grace filled approach to following Jesus,

 a manuscript study in the book of Galatians

 teaching by American and Irish ministry leaders on a gospel centered and

 personal mentors

 prayer groups

 guided reflection time

 topical seminars

 evangelism training

Outreach teams : Teams of 4-5 Irish/American students on mission in partnership with churches and ministry organizations for 2 weeks around the country.

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Christian Persuaders

Local day meetups, sharpening each other in how to explain our faith and persuade others of it.

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Bible & Culture

When? 28th June – 26th July.

Where? Woltersdorf, the outskirts of Berlin city

What? A conference in Germany for GRADUATES that explores working and culture to the glory of God – lifeshaping, in your final summer of freedom!

Four weeks to change your life! If you’re about to graduate or you’re already a graduate,  and you have 1 month free between 28 June-26 July 2015 (or the first two weeks if you want to split it over two years), this is for you! B&C is a unique course for followers of Jesus to better understand their role as His people in the world of today.  The aim of the course is for you to grow! Know more of God as your heavenly Father, understand more of his word through studying particular books of the Bible, develop an understanding of how following Jesus shapes the way you see the world, the environment, politics, art, economics, and learn how to articulate your faith and pass it on to others. Do all of that in a rich mix of people from all over Europe and Eurasia. If you’re a thinking Christian who wants to know God better and who wants to understand better how His word speaks to today’s world – then this course is for you

How much? €975 for 1 month. Discounts available for early bookings..

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Thailand Mission Trip

When? 16th – 30th August

Where? Bangkok, Thailand

What? Helping introduce the Mark Drama to Thailand, seeing and helping in student ministry and outreach cross-culturally and learning from experienced workers.

How much? Around €1,500

Hannah says: “Thailand was an unforgettable experience. Bangkok is an amazing city full of wonderful people, food, sights and smells.  Seeing how the CUs work in Thailand is a real encouragement. Staff Workers Johnny and Ann McClean have worked in Thailand for 16 years. It’s incredible to see how God is using them to help Christian students grow in their faith. God is also at work in the lives of those who not yet know him as their Saviour and King through the CU groups.”

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Dublin International Outreach

When? 5th – 19th July

Where? Dublin city centre

What? International Cafes and outreach in Dublin. A team of 15+, will be seeking to befriend and share the gospel with internationals in Dublin. The team will hear God’s word and receive practical cross-cultural training in the mornings and then in the afternoons we will be reaching students through afternoon activities and an international café in the evening.


Team members need to be between 18-30 years, have a living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, a desire to share the gospel with others, a reasonable level of English and lots of energy. You don’t need to speak other languages (besides English); international students love to meet people who want to spend time with them.

How much? €100

Deadline to apply: 13th June 2015

Contact: (for application form and more information)


International Student Outreach Cork

When? 1st – 15th August

Where? Cork city (accommodation in Trinity Presbyterian)

What? International Cafes and Outreach in Cork

How much? €100

Last year we pioneered cafes that saw many tens of students hear about Jesus for the first time, and at least one come to faith. This year we’re looking to stabilise the regular café and help local churches and CUs be able to sustainably take it on for the coming year.

They said: “These [training sessions] are amazing mornings. I just wish more Christians could have been here to experience them” (team member)

“We have never heard of the Roman empire, Jews or Jesus other than their names in one history class. So this is amazing to know more” (visiting student)

“Don’t tell my friends, but I want to know more. You are nothing like what we are told Christians are like”.

“We’ve come from Spain and have been going on adventure activities, beach days and much more all summer, but these cafes have been the highlight of our summer so far – thank you!”

“God has brought me to Ireland, not just to study English like I thought but to meet people from nations who don’t about Jesus so I can tell them.”

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IFES Europe teams:

 Czech Republic

 England

 France

 Ireland

 Scotland

 Slovakia

 Greece

There are CUs across Europe who would love a hand in early days of pioneering activity. Do you want to partner with them and help see many hear of Jesus in these countries?

Want your CU to do a team together?

IFES Ireland have contacts in virtually every country in the world and have vast numbers of opportunities that would be suitable to send a CU team to. These would involve training before you go, support and training while you’re there, and help processing everything when you return and applying what you’ve learnt to college life. Ask us for more info!