IFES Ireland Board member, Claire, writes:

IMG_4096 - CopyIn September 1991 I headed off to Edinburgh to study Physiotherapy. Rather than being filled with a great sense of anticipation and joy at my new found freedom, I was filled with dread and a huge sense of disappointment and failure. My A level results were not what I had hoped for,  I hadn’t made it into UUJ and I would not be staying close to home, where I most wanted to be.

The last place I wanted to go to was to the C.U.  It was very clear to me that God had led me to Edinburgh, that it was part of His plan for my life. But I was not on speaking terms with God. I was angry and I resented what He had done.

The C.U. at Queen Margaret College was small – no more than 10 or so students.  My sister, who was involved in the C.U. at Stranmillis, urged me to go along. Reluctantly I went, and for a year or so I played the game. I knew the right things to say, but my heart was not in it. I had no desire to live for God, after all – He had let me down.

God did not give up on me. In my second year I attended a C.U. leadership training weekend.  This proved to be a turning point in my life. I was deeply challenged about my relationship with God.  He had broken me and brought me to my knees and was now in the business of putting me back together.  Through my involvement with the C.U. network in Edinburgh and the UCCF (IFES) Staff Workers, I was challenged to keep growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Many of these folks made a lasting impact on my life. On graduating in 1995, I was left in no doubt that I wanted to take part in UCCF’s Relay programme – I wanted to pass on to others the incredible, life changing things He had taught me during my time at college, through the work of the C.U. And what a year that was!