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God did not give up on me

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IFES Ireland Board member, Claire, writes: In September 1991 I headed off to Edinburgh to study Physiotherapy. Rather than being filled with a great sense of anticipation and joy at my new found freedom, I was filled with dread and a huge sense of disappointment and failure. My A level results were not what I […]

Open country

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Johnny and Ann McClean write: Bangkok is the size of County Cork; it’s half the size of Northern Ireland. Our family moved to Bangkok in 2011 to pioneer International student ministry in the many universities there. Thailand is an open country where we can talk to people about Jesus. But just like Ireland we have […]

“Four weeks to change your life” – Summer 2014 in Berlin

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Dublin region CU Staff Worker, Catrin, writes: “Everyone has two sets of beliefs, the one they say they believe and the one they act on. What they act on is what they really believe.” – Francis Schaeffer In the midst of the World Cup frenzy Len and I headed to Germany for the IFES run […]

Praising the God of our Nations

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Munster region CU Staff Worker, Peter, writes: “I believe it’s true and I want to follow Jesus, but if I left Islam, I fear what would happen to me from my family, friends and everyone I’ve ever known.” These are the (paraphrased) words of a North African student 2 weeks after the International Student Outreach […]