Peter, our Munster CU Staff Worker, writes…

“UCC CU have decided to put on an events week in order to reach those people who don’t have friends in the CU.  As a first attempt (to my knowledge) ever to do something as big as this, I’d love to support them in this and encourage them as God’s Word goes out on campus and many get drawn into the Christian community”.


Here are some prayer points from Peter:

  1. Thank God for how He has moved to help the students trust that God’s Word will do it’s work if they have events with it being opened.
  2. Please pray particularly for those organising the UCC CU week and for everyone to be bringing their friends.
  3. Thank God that UCC CU are so good at doing community, that followup will be easy – and many who even haven’t heard much during the week, will be drawn into a community that proclaims Him most openly and gently.
  4. Please pray for the Christian students to pick up a passion for engagingly sharing Christ in the public square and that even if this week isn’t the most organised/effective, that future year’s students will be up for such things!