Preterm Madness:x Preterm15

Preterm is one of our first major events in the term and this year was no exception, For the past few years we have had students from various Ulster University campuses, Stranmillis and Queens. Last year for the first time we split the groups, moving Queens upstairs and amalgamating the other CU’s. The purpose was to allow them to grow and get to know each other in a smaller group, hoping that eventually they would grow in numbers to have their own Preterm. This year, through God’s goodness, we saw over 100 Queen’s students and 60 plus students from all over Northern Ireland. Both groups learnt about Daniel and reflected on working out their faith on campus with seminars focusing on Evangelism and reaching Internationals. It was an extremely encouraging time of seeing new students making friends and being challenged to choose Christ daily on campus. We are delighted that numbers included nearly 200 once leaders were included, nearing capacity – and so next year we have already started to plan two separate weekends with the hope that more freshers can be welcomed and prepared for life on campus. Please pray for those about to start university and as plans move forward to next year.