Jeremy, Dublin Staff worker, writes:

This August, we found ourselves in New Zealand. During our work and travel there two years ago we met some very good friends. They invited us to return to plant the Mark Drama on New Zealand soil. Working with a band of locals drawn from the Anglican parish of the South Wairarapa (just north of Wellington city), we directed a team of thirteen non-professional actors, ranging in age from fifteen to seventy-five.

Together, we told the story of Mark’s Gospel, performing the content word-for-word, without props or costumes, in theatre-in-the-round and over the course of roughly ninety minutes. We saw three strong performances go ahead in the Town Halls of Martinborough, Greytown and Carterton. Over 260 people were impacted by the Mark Drama, as the Gospel Story unfurled in 3-D before their very eyes. Each cast member was deeply stirred as they immersed themselves in the action of Mark’s Gospel after 6 weeks spent reading through it.

The story of the Mark Drama in New Zealand does not end here. Just before we left, one of the directors of TSCF (the IFES movement in New Zealand) called me. He mentioned how keen TSCF would be to see us return at some later date to ensure that the Mark Drama takes hold on campuses all over the country. I have since written a report and submitted it to the TSCF directors. Tentatively, they have suggested we return in 2017 to train CU teams to bring the Drama to their respective campuses. We will wait and see what unfolds…