Elita, Dublin Interaction team member, writes:

On 1st-3rd May we held our Dig Deeper Weekend Away for International Students in the Dublin area. The aim of the weekend was to help students ‘dig deeper’ into God’s word and grow more in their Christian faith. 22 students came to the weekend (mostly Christians), these included Brazilians, South Koreans and a Venezuelan. We looked at Paul’s letter to the Philippians through talks and Bible studies led by the team. We also had a seminar reflecting on our time in Ireland, which was led by Graham Orr, this was also to help those leaving Ireland and returning to their homelands.

There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere throughout the weekend (despite the rain not clearing on Saturday). Students made an effort getting to know people that they had not met previously while also having the time to pray in their own language groups. It was encouraging to see students participate in Bible discussions and feeling free to ask questions they were struggling with. In one session this led to a discussion on how we might show people who are not Christians that sin is a problem in their life. I also found it encouraging to hear from one student about not only seeing an improvement in her English skills but also in her biblical understanding.

Please continue to pray for students to remember the challenges they found in Philippians and a keenness to continue growing in the Lord throughout their time in Ireland. We still have contact with many of them through the international cafes and other international groups, so please pray that we will continue to disciple them in the time that we have left with them.