An interview with Ciaran Kieran (DCU CU President 2014-2015)

ciaranWhat has been encouraging about the CU this semester?

Having the CU on campus provides a space for students who are seeking God to come and hear His Word and meet His people.  I have been really encouraged by seeing that happen this year, only on a small level, but a valuable one nonetheless and we thank God and are encouraged by that.

How has the CU helped your faith during your time in university?

The main way the CU has helped my faith is through my fellow CU members.  I have developed a very strong relationship with the people I have met in CU. God has definitely used them to encourage, challenge and inspire me.  Before coming to University I didn’t know many other Christians outside of my home town. Meeting the guys at DCU, seeing their fire and learning from them really was a great blessing to me.

How can IFES Ireland supporters pray for DCU CU?

Very recently, two students gave their lives to Christ. Pray that God would strengthen and establish them in their faith.  Pray that God would root and ground them in His love so that they can grow to follow Him and come to know Him more.

Please pray for unity in our CU, that we would be able to follow His commandment to love one another and that newcomers would see that and feel welcomed and accepted. Pray that God would provide a new committee for next year that will carry on the work of the CU.

Pray that God would help us reach seeking hearts on campus that are ready to meet Him.