A message from the Director, on behalf of IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions:
(download the pdf version here)

“Dear friends,

Right now as you read, hundreds of students all over the island are working out how they can get a friend to read Luke’s gospel. UNCOVER (the Gospel Project 2012) sees thousands of gospels available to CUs, so that today’s sceptics can examine the evidence and uncover the real Jesus.

Student reactions to UNCOVER are very exciting. 160 students responded well to teaching on Luke at the Belfast pre-term. More than 280 joined small group Bible studies at Queens. We hope evangelistic small groups will build momentum towards the larger mission events planned for Belfast and Dublin. See www.uncover.org or take a look at our special video message at on our Uncover page.

However, we face immense challenges as a growing CU movement in Ireland. Despite having more students involved than ever before, harsh economic conditions have meant we were unable to fill one staff vacancy, thus stretching staff support for the 10 Dublin city CUs. The staff have responded, providing weekly student training called ‘The Hub’. But we are conscious that there is scope for much more hands on CU Staff Worker involvement on campuses.

Students today face the growing challenge of increasingly active Islamic university societies within a general drift towards an atheistic worldview in the broader student population. Never before has our fellowship of CUs been more strategic in bringing the gospel to the heart of the campus; students reaching students with the gospel in Ireland.

In these harsh economic times, the gospel remains the only true hope now and into eternity. Will you financially and prayerfully support our mission to today’s students?

100 people giving € / £ 30 per month would enable us to recover staff levels and enrich current student initiatives including the UNCOVER project. (Click here to give online)

If you currently receive prayer news, why not sign up to give regularly to our ministry? If you currently give, would you be able to increase your giving a little? Your response could really help us further develop our support of CUs. Please do pray with us. If you already give, many many thanks. If not, please consider joining the 100s of supporters who financially and prayerfully enable student witness around Ireland. Help today’s students uncover the real Jesus forever.

My personal best wishes and thanks for your ongoing support.

Warmly in Christ
Adam Jones
(Director, IFES Ireland: The Christian Unions)”