There are exciting weeks ahead for Trinity, UCD and Queen’s University Mission Weeks only around the corner. These weeks are full of opportunity for the CU to reach out to students on their campuses with the wonderful news of the gospel. CU members have worked hard at organising, planning and advertising events that are held during the week. CU members are encouraged to bring their classmates and friends to various evangelical events such as acoustic evenings, lunch- bars and question panels. The events are great a great way to share the gospel, as well as food, and build friendships. The weeks are hard work but it is encouraging to see the CU unite around sharing the gospel. Pray for the CU members as they continue to plan for the Mission Weeks. Pray for God to work mightily through the big and the small things to bring more people to Himself.

Mission Week Dates:

Trinity: 26th- 30th Jan

UCD: 2nd- 6th Feb

Queen’s: 23rd- 27th Feb